Tips on How to Get The Best Wedding Marquee Hire Price

Not everybody has the spending power of wealthy superstars who may have high end marquees for a wedding party. So, exactly what can you do to enable you to get the best marquee value on your marquee hire price? Below are tips to help you get the best marquee hire price.

1. Look Around

Obtain estimates from up to six suppliers to get an understanding of who seems to be offering the best prices. Nevertheless make sure you are assessing like for like. Select the marquee hire company very carefully to get a professional organization.

2. Avoid Peak Weekends

Lots of people choose to get wed in the UK on weekends in late May, June and July, which regularly coincide with popular public gatherings with a resulting scarcity of marquees, and for that reason higher prices. If you must have a summer marriage ceremony then go with August when good deals can be had. Or, why don’t you have a spring wedding marquee in early or mid May? Or perhaps an autumn wedding, when October may be quiet for marquee hire firms. A marquee could be transformed for a winter wedding party when the most significant cost savings can be made on marquee hire prices.

3. Book Early

Marquee hire organizations really like to plan their timetable well in advance and have as many of the weekends for the next year as they possibly can planned early. For that reason, quite a few offer early booking discount rates in the event you book more than 12 months in advance. Not only can you find a very good saving on their normal prices but you will even secure your price and safeguard yourself from inflationary increases in fuel and labour. Make sure you read the small print to guarantee the cost you agree is fixed at the point of booking.

4. Book a Wedding Marquee Package and Keep to it

You will discover popular marquee sizes and permutations of accessories that lots of marquee firms offer as fixed wedding marquee hire bundles that will include the marquee, carpet, linings, swags and drapes, chandelier lighting, furniture, dance floor, chair covers and sashes, and table linen. Don’t add extras on at the last minute. It is the entrance porches, separate bar marquees and outdoor furniture options that may bump up the price you pay for the hire.

5. Make Best Use of the Marquee Space

It is not unusual to have eleventh hour variations to your guest numbers which usually means additional people rather than less. It’s not always needed to expand the marquee. You are able to play about with the marquee plan and fit an extra handful of dining tables within the dining area, or place them on the dance floor and take them away ahead of the evening disco starting. This way you will simply pay for extra furniture instead of extra bays to the marquee.

6. Don’t Always Use the Preferred Supplier of a Wedding Venue

Regularly, wedding venues will point you towards their recommended supplier. But, mostly they are doing that to suit them, not you. If the marquee provider has frequently built there then a wedding venue can feel more comfortable. But, an experienced marquee hire firm are not going to think it is a disadvantage to be building at a new venue. They will do a complete site visit in any case, and also having a company that’s wanting to build a relationship with an all new venue you can receive a much better deal. Ask the venue if you can use your own provider, almost all will certainly say, “yes,” as it is their site hire fee they are interested in.